Introduction to eShop 7 – Order processing

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You have set up your shop, taken it live, and begun to organise your marketing to drive potential customers to your shop, so hopefully it won’t be long before the first orders arrive for you to process. For the seventh and final part in our Getting to know eShop series, let’s talk about order processing.

Order Processing

The “Orders” menu is pivotal. Under “Incoming”, you will find all recently placed orders that you haven’t yet processed. Under “Orders/Orders” menu, you will find an archive of all orders, and you can use the search function to locate orders that you’ve processed or completed. Click on any individual order for a closer look at it.

Order status

You can specify an order status for every order. This allows you to see at a glance whether, for example, you are still waiting for payment or if goods can be processed. An order’s status code also serves as the basis for automated customer email notifications which allow you to keep your customers updated on the status of their orders. For more information on e-mail events, please see the fifth article (Putting your eShop live) in this blog series.

Depending on which payment provider you choose, the status of an order can automatically change to “Paid” as soon as payment is deposited into your account with the provider. If you prefer to monitor payments manually, you’ll find an overview of transactions in the “Orders/Transactions” menu.

Batch processing

Would you like to reduce the time it takes to create invoices? Simply use your shop’s batch-processing function! Just mark all the invoices you want to process and then choose “Create documents” in the drop-down menu in order to generate all necessary papers. Links to logistics companies such as UPS  allow you to quickly create corresponding shipping labels and to request with just a few mouse clicks that goods be picked up.

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