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Daily customer shortlisted for uk.com awards – introducing www.teaparty.uk.com

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We’re delighted that Daily.co.uk hosted website www.teaparty.uk.com has been shortlisted in the ‘Best Original Idea for Business Website’ category UK.COM Awards! We spoke to owner, Sam to find out a bit more about the company.


Firstly, congratulations on being shortlisted for the uk.com awards! Can you explain a little more about what teaparty.uk.com does, for the uninitiated?

Thank you!  It’s very exciting! Teaparty.uk.com is the website for ‘Tea Party’ – a gorgeous private pink tea shop based in North London.

It’s a perfect venue for private delectable tea parties that seat up to 20 guests.  The tea shop is resplendent with big pink chandelier, pink & white striped walls and floral wallpaper, and guests sit around beautifully laid tables decorated with fresh flowers and are treated to a sumptuous afternoon tea served on vintage china.

Perfect for Baby Showers, Hen Parties, Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers and all manner of splendid occasions.

Since you’ve been shortlisted in the Best Original Idea for a Business Website category, it’s only logical to ask – how did you come up with the idea for teaparty.uk.com?

Well, I wanted something pink & girly to reflect the looks of the tea shop and make it an inviting idea for guests!

I’ve always had the urge to set up my own business and basically, after being made redundant, the idea just came to me at 11pm one night (and yes, I remember the time!).

Can you talk us through the evolution of your business and its website?

The website needed to attract customers from the start and was launched before the shop was even open. With just 3 pages, I needed to give as much information as possible to describe such a new and unique concept. The biggest challenge was explaining what Tea Party was about, and that it’s not just for kids! It also needed to be very visual, to give a real flavour of what we’re about and so a shoot was set up with all the beautiful china and afternoon tea.

Once we were up and running, more pages were added and so were more pictures of happy guests! Testimonials have also proved very important for us.

Now I can add more photos and alert people to our events such as cupcake decorating etc

I get loads of compliments about it – it makes me very proud!

Have you found Twitter and Facebook have supported your website in driving business your way?

Yes, without a doubt, Twitter & Facebook have been very important for my business.  Facebook has been excellent as I have a Tea Party page and it works visa versa.  Twitter has also been superb.  Social media is a very important part of business these days!

What’s next for you and for teaparty.uk.com?

I’m enjoying having my own business immensely – it fits around having a 3 year old as everything is bookable in advance making it very easy to plan around her.  In the future, who knows? Lots of ideas in the pipeline…

And finally – if you win the £5k overall prize, do you have any grand plans for the prize money?

That would be fantastic! Not just the money, but the achievement.  I wouldn’t dare to think, there are so many other fabulous finalists too, but I would definitely plough some back into the company and the rest to a charity. (Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity).

Good luck to Sam – we’re crossing our fingers for her to win the UK.COM awards!

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