Would you pay to promote your friends’ posts?

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You may have all been made aware about promotional posts on Facebook, where you can now pay to make your posts seen more frequently on Facebook. Since October 2012, you are able to make your posts appear higher in your friends’ news feeds for the cost of £5. In due time, Facebook will be introducing the ability to promote your friends’ posts. This appeared in the news mid February,  causing controversial debates: Would your news feed be transformed into a social market, where you would have to pay to keep up with the game?

I personally have no interest in this whatsoever. I would not be up for wasting money on such a thing as I don’t take my personal Facebook account too seriously. It has been found that others love a bit of fame and attention, but there hasn’t been a whole lot of evidence suggesting that people will succumb to this new feature on Facebook.  While promoted posts have value for businesses due to announcements, offers and promotions, it’s not clear what the  benefits are for personal users. In my opinion, there are very few situations, for example raising money for charity or looking for a job, in which promoted posts are considered useful in personal accounts.

It was found that this upcoming feature will be gradually rolled out to users. Facebook also mentions that they won’t allow it to work for those who have more than 5,000 friends and followers.

As the online world expands, people are reluctant to pay for social networks as you don’t receive a product, just a service. Facebook has brought out the idea of paying for games and certain apps which seems to have a particular type of audience which this works for.

Linkedin has features on their website where you can pay for a premium account which enables you features that you wouldn’t have on a free account. For example, if you are job hunting – joining their job seeker account grants you features such as sending your application to the top of the list or being able to contact members of the companies directly and many more. This has received positive results as at least a customer will pay for their service with the hope to receive a job out of it.

How far is Facebook going to take it? It seems like they have really tried to include anything a person could possibly need on one social network. Is this what people want? Are you going to start receiving Facebook vouchers for your upcoming birthdays?

Ironically, Facebook has introduced Gifts in America – so that people can receive vouchers to use in stores. This is coming soon to the UK. You are given the option to buy your friend a gift by choosing what you want, adding your message and send via Facebook. Your friend will receive a notification and  are prompted to enter their own shipping info and can swap for a different size, flavour or style before the gift ships. Your chosen gift is delivered right to your friend’s door.


So will promoting your friends’ posts work? What’s in it for you?

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