How to get the cheapest domain names

We offer a wide variety of domain names at Daily that you can register (or renew) for up to ten years at a time.

We also recently introduced our discount structure so the longer the term of your registration or renewal, the bigger your overall savings. Currently you can register a UK domain name for as little as £4.99 a year for terms of five years or more. Check out our saving options and pricing on our Domain Pricing Page

However, what if any of the below apply to you?

  • I want to register a domain name for a single year but I still want savings
  • I want to register a large volume of domain names and I want a discount
  • I wanted to ‘future proof’ my domain name prices in case there are any registry price hikes before my renewal

If so, the answer to these questions is our Domain Credits system. Perfect for customers who want to maximise their savings or simply have the most cost effective option for registering multiple domain names.


Q. So how do domain credits work?
A.  Two simple steps

  1. Purchase a block of domain credits for either UK or Global (com/net/org) domain names
  2. Use one credit for each registration or renewal year of your domain names


Q. How do I make savings with credits?
A.  A domain credit year has major savings over the normal cash price of a domain. Options for domain credits range from just £4 per credit (meaning you can register or renew a domain name for just £4 for a single year, compared to £6.24)

That’s a bigger saving that even compared to the yearly price of a four year plus UK domain

Remember: The more credits you buy, the greater the savings


Q. How does this future proof my purchases?
A.  Credits don’t expire. Purchase credits for £4 each and they will remain on your account until you use them. Even if there are price changes to our domain names, we will still honour your existing credits!