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20% Off Yearly HyperV VPS

Pixelated VPS

Our High Performance Virtual Private Servers operate on a fully hardware visualised platform, using the proven Hyper-V system.

Available in both Windows and Linux along with choices of either Plesk or CPanel for ease of management and optional monitoring and backup add-ons, they are the idea choice for web developers, web masters or resellers looking to take their business to the next level

For the rest of April, we are launching a promotion on all of our Yearly High Performance VPS with a massive 20% off! Take advantage now using promo code HyperV20%.

That’s savings of up to £92!

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  • Offer for yearly HyperV VPS only (does not include Virtuozzo VPS)
  • Code must be used during checkout to apply savings.
  • Offer not applicable to renewals or upgrades
  • Promotional price for first year only. Renewals will be at standard prices
  • All prices exclude VAT at 20%