*NEW* Advanced Anti-Spam. Free Trial


Everyone knows that the battle against unsolicited junk email filling up your inbox is an ongoing struggle every day. We’ve all spent untold hours going through our inboxes, deleting Spam email or having that “New Mail” notification on a smartphone, only to see it’s yet more unwanted junk.

However, we’ve now shifted the balance of power to your favour. We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest MailScanner product, giving you advanced protection and filtering for your email.

What’s more, we are offering a FREE 30 day trial to customers!

·         Applies to all of your email addresses on a domain name.
·         Works on both mailboxes and email forwards.
·         Any email identified as spam is filtered off into a seperate quarantine area, stopping it from reaching your inbox. No more going through deleting       unwanted mail.
·         We will send a single quarantine email to you each day listing any emails we have filtered.
·         Fully customisable and you can change your settings and view your quarantine vault at any time through your online interface.
·         Constantly updated and learning database, to keep up with ever-changing Spam trends.

To activate your free trial on any of your domain names, simply log into your MyDaily Control Panel and go to either the Purchase or Anti-Spam options to activate your free one month trial.

[Select here to Log into to your MyDaily Control Panel and activate MailScanner]

We’re pretty sure you’ll be impressed with the awesome performance of MailScanner and you will want to keep it, but if for any reason you’re not, let us know! You can also cancel at any point during your 30 day trial.