The benefits of keeping your services under one roof

Most people have a mobile ‘phone these days. Either their own handset and they purchase pay-as-you-go top-ups or a contract deal

Imagine for a moment this situation:

  • You lease your handset from company A
  • You lease your number from company B
  • You lease your cellular data/network from company C

Let’s say someone tries to call you and it won’t connect – so is it a fault with your handset, number or network? That’s three different companies you need to ask and it’s a fair bet that if their customer support isn’t up to scratch, then you could be bounced between the three of them, each citing your problem is not with them.

Sound confusing? That’s because it is…

However, this is a situation many people face with their web presence:

  • You host your domain name with company A
  • You host your email with Company B
  • You host your website with Company C

This set-up is not uncommon. At Daily, any domain names registered with us have full (and at no extra cost) forwarding services, DNS management and nameserver management, meaning you can use a variety of methods to direct any traffic intended for your email and/or website to different locations.

But, you don’t have to spread your services out like this. You can have them all managed with us at Daily

Lets say you have your services spread over different companies and something stops working. An email starts bouncing back, a 500 Error on your website or any other typical issues. If you’re ‘au fait’ with how DNS resolves and set everything up yourself (and therefore know what and where to check) then you may be fine.

But what if you had a third party do your initial set-up? What if you don’t know how your domain names and email/hosting is configured? What if you’re not aware of all the different companies involved and may have missed a renewal? Wouldn’t it be easier if you dealt with a single company?

It’s a scenario our Support Team often come across where a domain customer of ours comes through because of an email fault. We can explain where the problem actually resides and how everything is set-up, but we have cases where the customer has not heard of their email host and does not know how to contact them, or they get in touch only to have the other host misdiagnose the issue or dispute our evidence supplied. In nearly all cases, the resounding comment we hear is “I wish you could just sort this out

And we agree! You can host your domain name, email, web hosting hosting and a wide variety of other services all with Daily. That means a single point of contact if you ever need to contact us about your solution, a single source of billing and also keeps your set-up as simple and unconvoluted as possible.

Contact us about moving all your services over to us today