.UK Privacy is here!


Whenever a domain name is registered, the details about who the registrant is go onto the WHOIS Database, which is searchable by absolutely anybody.

Until now, only the holders of global domain names like .com or .net could mask their details from the public, not holders of UK domain names

But that’s now changed!




Should I be concerned that my private details are viewable?

Check out http://www.nominet.uk/whois/ for an example and search for a UK domain name.

Having your personal details viewable by the public isn’t always desirable.

One problem is that it means ‘spammers’ have a great way of getting your email address to add to their junk lists by email harvesting the WHOIS Database. A more serious issue is that you could be giving your personal home address out.


Privacy for .com names but not .co.uk?

Global Domain Names (.com, .net, .org etc.) had a WHOIS Privacy service where your personal details were removed and replaced with the contact details of a “Privacy Provider” company instead, but UK Domain Names (.co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .uk) only had a basic Opt-Out Service.

This Opt-Out service took away the address, but not the name – and even then, only for non-trading individuals. If you were another registrant type then you had to leave your full name and address up there. You might think that’s fine for traders or companies, but remember not all “traders” are big corporations with offices or factories – you can have lone people working from home (e.g. web designers) and next thing they have people knocking on their front door after getting their address from WHOIS.

Some people concerned about their security have tried putting up false details as a workaround, but this is a bad idea as you’re effectively not putting yourself down as the legal owner of your domain name and are at risk of suspension or deletion from the Data Quality checks performed by the registry and your host.

But things have now changed

We have teamed up with the UK Registry (Nominet UK)  and are now happy to announce that we have implemented the official Domain Privacy service.

Any UK domain names with Daily.co.uk that enable the WHOIS Privacy service will have the following displayed on WHOIS Lookups:

        Name withheld. This Registrant is using a privacy service.

    Registrant’s address:
        Address withheld. This Registrant is using a privacy service.

    Privacy service:
        Daily Internet Services Ltd

    Privacy service’s address:
        9 Regan Way
        Chetwynd Business Park
        NG9 6RZ
        United Kingdom

The WHOIS Privacy service costs just £4.99 a year per domain name (the same as the global privacy service we offer for other domain name types) and is activated straight away, from either when you first order a domain name or when you add it to an existing domain name



Q. How do I order a new domain name with WHOIS Privacy?
A. There’s an option in the checkout to add WHOIS Privacy, so you can have it ready when you first purchase your domain name?

Q. How do I add WHOIS Privacy to an existing domain name?
A. Just log into your MyDaily Control Panel, select ‘Domains’ and then ‘WHOIS Privacy’ to add it to an existing domain name

Q. Am I still the legal owner?
A. Yes. This is just removing your details from the public view. Your actual ownership details are still held confidentially with the top level registry (Nominet UK)

Q. What if I move a domain name with Privacy from daily to another host?
A. You will need to set-up privacy with your new host, but make sure they actually offer it first!